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In the modern age, cab administrations have turned into the most utilized and the simplest transportation choice. It is shabby as well as similarly solid. Cab service assumes an imperative part in practical transportation. Quick and dependable taxi benefits really reduce the need to claim our own particular auto. With a dedicative motive and unflinching commitment, GO4Cabs has come in existence for providing the highest quality service to local corporate, SMEs, overseas business and leisure travelers visiting India. As the world’s most important economic development region and with a huge number of the world’s population, India is a primary travel destination for business, trade and tourism. GO4Cabs business model is the first of its kind unique hyper local cab rental aggregator – PAN India – providing cab rental solution in 46 + cities PAN India, convenience of online and offline both, which offers easy to book cabs through the dedicated & personalized call desk for retail and corporate customer/s, thus enabling them to get the right cab rental solution and save more money and reduce their expenditure as well as headache of calling various vendors for different services. GO4Cabs provides total cab rental solution under 1 roof.

With a still-developing transport infrastructure in many parts of the region, the driving style is erratic and reckless, roads in many places are in poor condition, taxis are often smoky, poorly maintained, and without seat belts in the back seats, and taxi drivers too often are inexperienced and not well trained. GO4Cabs was incepted approximately TWO years ago to address all of these problems with the goal of providing a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use soft and multi-language speaking private ground transportation service around the country for discerning western travelers.

GO4Cabs team and chauffeurs understand the standards expected by travelers. With local operations, GO4Cabs knows each region and transport infrastructure intimately in order to provide prompt, exacting service at every step of the trip, wherever it takes our customers.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine about how the company generated this idea to set up this organization “GO4Cabs”, the founder of the organization said: GO4Cabs idea was formed based on the problem faced during personal & professional frequency of travel to Mumbai & Ahmedabad from Dubai between 2007 till 2010. Getting a cab or taxi at Mumbai airport and back home in Ahmedabad was a daunting task. It was 100% unorganized, than. Working in a corporate I understood the requirement and felt the need of the hour and how GO4Cabs business model fits the requirement of corporate/retail/overseas travelers. I had seen the difference in the quality of service abroad and how it is available in India.
Differentiating Factors of GO4Cabs

  • Remember 1 Name 1 Number, PAN India
  • Technological integration – mixed with offline and online for B2C & B2B, both
  • GO4Cabs provides various cab rental solution – Local, Outstation, transfers, Luxury Cabs, 1Waycab (intercity 1way cab 1way charge), coaches & buses, Self Drive cabs – All solution under 1 roof
  • GO4Cabs vehicle/s reports from the nearest hub to the pick-up location – hyper-local solution, GO4cabs cost saving through hyper local solution for corporate
  • Never say NO to any booking in cab rental for any client/s – with any budget, having said that, GO4Cabs assures quality solution, convenience and shall never compromises on quality
  • GO4Cabs instant supply within 2 to 3 hours of booking and at times within 30 minutes of booking – for corporate and retail guests
  • GO4Cabs USP is bulk supply for events and conferences – GO4Cabs never run out of cabs in multiple cities
  • Clear communication to corporate & retail clients after renting support & booking

Our Editor Associate in conversation with GO4Cabs

TCM: How does the company build a successful customer base?

GO4Cabs: GO4Cabs, started with a very small customer base of friends and family which started growing through referrals. GO4Cabs mainly gets business from referrals. Corporate referrals and retail referrals, GO4Cabs runs quite a good referral programs. GO4Cabs relationship with each corporate client is quite deep rooted and personalized.

TCM: What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

GO4Cabs: We have used mostly all tools and medium of marketing “online and offline” through small investment. But, what worked mostly for GO4Cabs are referrals from our satisfied corporate and retail client/s.

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

GO4Cabs: There prevail a huge gap in the car rental domain, where one side there small percentage of regional centric players (vendors) who supply cabs on rental basis who are little organized who over charge for the service to users and so the best available cabs is offered to those who can afford these exorbitant & high rates.

On the other side there are set of suppliers who are local players who provide good quality vehicle/s and also provide good service also they are competitive but their communication is a question and cannot communicate well with clients/corporate.

There are various other problems:

Corporate booking:
There is less or improper method followed to book a vehicle in corporate. There is not much use of technology, in car rental space for corporate to book a vehicle. There is a gap

Car Rental Supplier:
Rates are not standardized / delayed supplier booking response time / no fixed chauffeurs reporting time / no proper communication to guest / chauffeur’s not reporting on time / chauffeurs refusing to take the booking & last minute cancellation / issues faced for replacement of vehicle / Vehicle quality / Vehicle not clean / vehicle old / not maintained / proper system & method to inform the traveler/client or corporate / Reliability of service providers / overcharging in time and kms / multiple vendors in multiple cities, and the list can go long for such problems

These issues are being addressed very well by GO4Cabs as a single corporate cab rental solution provider with multiple solutions in multiple cities (46 + cities and growing)

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

GO4Cabs: GO4Cabs wants be in the top 5 quality cab rental solution provider PAN India.

Like all other start-up, GO4Cabs is also looking to raise funds for expansion and growth. The criteria for investors shall be different. GO4Cabs is looking at providing value addition to corporate and of course profits in business and not just valuation of the company. GO4Cabs is here in this business for long term and not looking at short term growth or gains.

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